Catchment Restoration

Catchment Restoration

The Slacks Creek Recovery Projects includes or is affiliated with several major regional projects that aim to restore the health of the Creek and its tributaries.

At these sites, weeds and rubbish are being removed, and native vegetation is being planted. In time, new areas of forest will grow, providing habitat for wildlife such as koalas, sugar gliders, and a variety of birds.

Not only will the local wildlife benefit from the catchment restoration works, there will also be improvements in the health of the creek. Slacks Creek flows in the Logan River, which then flows into Moreton Bay, so the work we are doing today will have wide ranging benefits.

Active Rubbish Removal

Logan City Council has undertaken several rubbish clean up days along Slacks Creek and more are planned.  Targeted rubbish removal has been carried out by contractors, while many volunteers have participated in several annual Clean Up Australia Day activities removing large quantities of rubbish, including tyres, shopping trollies, construction material, plastic and glass drink bottles along Slacks Creek.

Timothy Park and Reserve Park Drain Naturalisation

Logan City Council has undertaken riparian rehabilitation works to naturalise a drain in Timothy Park and to rehabilitate degraded sections of the Slacks Creek between Reserve Park and Timothy Park.  To date approximately 1.4km or approximately 2ha of creek bank rehabilitation has been undertaken, providing improved park amenity, bank stability, riparian habitat and water quality.