Griffith University Arboretum

Griffith University Arboretum

At Griffith University, Logan campus, a unique collection of native trees has been planted as part of an eight hectare arboretum, essentially a living museum.

The species include plants that have Indigenous and European significance, and species that are rare and threatened in South East Queensland.

You will be able to meander along shady pathways, learning about the history and meaning of different plant species and ecosystems, ending up in a hidden vale looking out onto Slacks Creek.

The arboretum will provide numerous opportunities for the community such as education for school students, a relaxing space to spend time, and an area to reconnect with cultural heritage.

The site so far

In 2014, over 7000 tubestock were planted including 300 feed trees for the vulnerable Glossy Black Cockatoo and 23 vines for the caterpillars of the vulnerable Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

Community members helped out at a tree planting day, and a number of events have been held at the arboretum including interpretive walks where the first sighting of a koala at the university was made; and a technical workshop on veteran trees where participants examined stunning 100 year old brush box trees within the arboretum site.

The university has also been recognised for its commitment to sustainability by winning a Highly Commended at the Green Gown Awards 2014  and winning the most sustainable school award at the Logan Eco Awards 2015.


The arboretum has also been featured in the Botanic Gardener Journal.