Pest Fishing

Pest Fishing

More than over 50 Logan residents attended Council’s first ever family pest fishing competition dubbed the "Carp Cup" on Sunday 26 February 2017. The event was held at the Demeio Park water body in Marsden. Both adults and children took part and as you can see from the smiling faces, fun and doing something good for the environment is a hit with everyone.  

Pest fishing day.jpg

Pest fishing day - everyone picking out their spots

As it turned out though no Carp were caught on the day. However a whopping 219 Tilapia were hauled in. Of those caught, the largest Tilapia measured 40.5cm and weighed in at 1.2kg. The smallest Tilapia measured just 5.3cm. 

Ready to fish.JPG

Ready to fish - bait on the hook


Every fish counts.JPG

Every fish counts - even the little ones!

The art activity on during the day appealed to those less patientn amongst the fishers. The families who attended said they would come again and provided lots of positive feedback. Everyone enjoyed the positive atmosphere and being out in nature together for a good cause. 

Venue Carp comp Feb 2017.jpg

Carp competition - family pest fishing day

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Tilapia - largest caught on the day

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