Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project

The Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project is a long-term Logan City Council project to rejuvenate the Slacks Creek Catchment area. It is a response to community concerns raised at the Logan Waterways Summit of 2011, and was developed from the Slacks Creek Catchment Futures Study-Vision and Initiative Report. It is also a part of Logan City Council's broader Logan Rivers and Wetlands Recovery Program.


Diagram of objectives for the Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project

Our vision sees "Slacks Creek will be a vibrant, green corridor bringing people and nature together; inspiring healthy living and creativity."

The project's collaborative approach to urban creek renewal has led to increased Council buy-in, attracted considerable State and Australian Government funding, generated widespread community support, and put Logan "on the map" when it comes to catchment recovery.

Since its launch in 2013 the project has been revitalising the catchment through community led initiatives, recreational activities and environmental enhancement at several priority locations throughout the catchment.