Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland

Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland

The Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland Project is a major element of the Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project.

Shailer Pioneer Park is a popular park in Logan situated on Shailer Road, Shailer Park. The park provides a variety of recreational opportunities to the community such as tennis courts, skate park and playgrounds. The Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland is designed to connect the existing park infrastructure to the wetland and provide park users with an attractive, natural setting to relax. Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland encompasses the holistic philosophy of A.B.C. (Activate, beautify and clean) and creates an enhanced parkland experience while also providing improved ecological functions, water quality, habitat and flood storage.

This project is partially funded through Logan City Council and the Australian Government.

Environmental benefits

Wetlands are important habitat for many species including local and migratory birds, frogs and fish. They also help improve water quality in our creeks and rivers by removing nutrients and other pollutants. High levels of nitrogen and phosphorous can cause algal blooms, impacting water quality and resulting in fish deaths.

Construction of the wetland occurred between September 2014 and December 2014.

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Shailer Pioneer Park Time-lapse