Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

The health of the Slacks Creek Catchment can be evaluated in part by testing the quality of the water in the creek.

Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Slacks creek is a tidal creek, and is part of a tidally dominated delta – the Logan and Albert rivers – which flow into Moreton Bay. To understand coastal processes we must look to understand the ecosystem as a whole. For coasts, that means looking up into the catchments to see what pressures are experienced upstream that affect downstream processes.

New sensor technology has been installed in Slacks creek to measure several aspects of water quality, and to send the data back to CSIRO for analysis. These instruments record:

Creek Bed Mapping

When land next to a waterway is cleared,  the ground on the creek edge tends to erode and be washed into the creek when it rains. This can cause drastic changes to the shape of the creek banks, to the way that the water currents flow, and to the quality of the water.